Coronavirus (COVID-19) important info and discounts!

Dear bikers and friends,
I hope you and your families are well in these strange and troubled times in which we have to go on with our lives and traveling but also be responsible in everyday life and learn how to live in new circumstances which are all around us. 
Unfortunately, situation with the virus has made a lot of problems and restrictions during the past few months in entire Europe, including Croatia and to be honest it was not easy for anybody, especially for all of those working in hospitals and all other areas where there was a direct contact with the virus. Also, for all of us working in tourism this is and will be a very difficult year

But luckily, most borders are open, we can get flights to almost all over the world and we have learned a lot how to live with the virus so we can almost have our freedom of traveling back 🙂
So we at Rockermoto are very happy to welcome you to Croatia and ready to make your  motorcycle journey happen even this year!
Croatia is a safe country to travel to and we have shown that we can cope with the virus. 

We have prepared a special discount 15% + 5% discount for cash + 5% discount for 5 or more bikes on all rentals to start before August 31 2020 and 5% discount + 5% cash + 5% for groups for all rentals for the rest of the season 2020 ! 🙂
Clients that make new bookings with Rockermoto:
If you want you can of course postpone your trip to later in the season 2020 or to season 2021 without loosing your deposit. No problem about that. We just have to find new dates for you 🙂
If your flight will be cancelled and your country would have travel restrictions so you can not travel to Croatia, then if you decide to cancel and not postpone, we will refund you your deposit.
Hopefully this pandemic will be over in next few months in entire world so we can all return to our normal life and motorcycle traveling.
Take care of yourself and each other and stay healthy.
Rockermoto team!