Special events

Rent for weddings

How to go to a wedding? – with a chopper and personal driver! Drive to church on a chopper instead in a limousine or some other expensive car and make your wedding day a wedding from your dreams which you will always remember. We make all kind of arrangements – possibilities are endless, only the sky is the limit. We also make special decorations for motorbikes.Give as your recommendations, ask as anything – we will make sure that this would be the day you will never forget.

Coupons for birthdays and anniversaries

Give your loved ones something special for this birthday or marriage anniversary. Why this year it would not be something different. Give them a gift certificate for rent Choppers and make them their day unforgettable! If you do not have a driver’s license for a motorcycle, and you’ve always wanted to try, we offer you to rent a Choppers with a driver.

Team Building on motorcycles

For groups up to 15 people, we offer trips on the choppers. 8 people can drive to 4 Chopper (driver and passenger), and the others can follow in a luxury minivan Kia Carnival. During the route, persons riding on motorcycles and those in the minivan change places, if they desired

VIP rides

Contact us and find out what special ride we can offer you, or suggest any particular ride you want and we will try to accomplish it

Products and services promotion

Take advantage of brilliance, elegance and style Chopper during the presentation of Your new product, service, music album or video, and make the event exclusive and unique!

Inquire about a bike rental or tour!

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