Suzuki V-Strom 800DE vs Moto Guzzi v85tt travel!


When we in Rockermoto Croatia recently thought of buying some new mid sized adventure-touring bikes for season 2024 to join our motorcycle rental fleet for Adriatic coast twisty roads here in Southeast Europe, there were 2 new bikes that immediately came to our attention. It was a new Suzuki V-strom 800DE & Moto Guzzi v85tt Travel. On paper they looked quite similar since they are in that mid range category but in real life they are completely different bikes but the best in their own class.

SUZUKI V-strom 800DE is a performance bike, very agile, very modern and very capable to go traveling all around the world. It is a mean looking bike and really performs. It is a bike that you would choose any day to go on your adventure travel that includes some gravels roads and while getting their you want to do some twisty roads in a fast way!

What Suzuki says about their bike:

The new 776cc DOHC parallel twin engine employs 270-degree crankshaft timing with the industry-exclusive Suzuki Cross Balancer to deliver a smooth, torque-rich experience. This new machine is ideal for Adventure riders who desire more power than a 650cc engine can deliver and does so in an economical and reliable way.

The new rugged steel backbone frame takes advantage of the engine’s compact size, resulting in a chassis that is nimble and stable on paved roads or on dirt trails. The long, inverted fork is fully adjustable, as is the rear shock absorber that employs a remote, hand-operated hydraulic spring preload adjuster so tuning for a passenger or cargo takes just seconds.

A new, Colour 5-inch TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel provides the rider access and on-the-fly control over the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) suite of advanced electronic control systems that include the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector, the Suzuki Traction Control System, and Suzuki’s Bi-Directional Quick Shift system. The V-STROM 800DE’s S.I.R.S. features a new GRAVEL Traction Control* mode and rear ABS** that can be switch off for off-road riding.

Ride all day in comfort and control thanks to a wide, vibration-damping tapered handlebar, strong seat, and wide footpegs. An adjustable windscreen sits above a pair of stacked, compact Mono-focus LED headlights that throw out big-time illumination and the styling is unmistakably V-Strom with the Dakar Rally-style beak that was developed by Suzuki. Don’t wait, advance your fun, advance your off-road chops, and advance your peace-of-mind as you Advance your Adventure with your own V-STROM 800DE.


On the other hand there is a Moto Guzzi v85tt Travel which is a bike that just looks amazing and full of character! And I thought that was it but no, this bike really delivers and you enjoy every kilometer riding with it and you just want more and more! The thing that wins you over is the fact that bike feels very light, comfortable and smooth when changing gears and because of the very special and appealing sound you just want to cruise with it.

Bike is very retro built and it looks just beautiful. With its air cooled v-twin engine that is sticking out of the bike sideways. just gives him a special look and feel. Two front round lights, shaft drive, comfortable leather seat and riding position make this bike one of the best adventure-tourers that we have ever driven. You just fall in love in this bike after only few kilometers riding it 🙂

What in Piaggio say about their bike:


There’s simply no other way to describe the V85 TT and the V85 TT Travel. The Euro 5-compliant engine with greater torque in low and medium speeds delivers a performance that is more powerful and thrilling than ever. Five riding modes mean even the most accomplished riders will find something to set their pulse racing. On the aesthetics front, there are stunning tubeless wheels and striking new graphics that show off every curve of the bike, to say nothing of the effect they’ll have on passers-by as you swoop round the curves of the road. Admit it, you’re already itching to don your helmet!

A bike for living, not simply riding

Sleek, practical and sporting the famous Moto Guzzi style, the V85 TT is the perfect companion, whether we’re talking about every day commuting or intrepid adventures. There’s no compromising on comfort and performance, and this is something not to be sneezed at in a market that is becoming increasingly cookie-cutter. The V85 TT has certainly delivered on its ambition to combine iconic design with all the bells and whistles of a modern enduro touring bike, and definitely earns the title of First and Only in Class when it comes to a classic enduro.


What to say more then contact us and try them out on the road!



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