Rental & Cancellation terms



Cancellation not related to COVID-19:

In case of a customer canceling his/her booking after confirmation, Rockermoto reserves the right to withhold the deposit/tour charge in part for costs incurred. Cancellation fee is as follows:

Number of days prior to rental   Cancellation fee

More than 30 days:      
Between 8 and 30 days:
7 days and less:  

20% of total rental amount
30% of total rental amount
100% of total rental amount


Cancellation related to COVID-19:

If your flight will be cancelled by your airline and/or Croatia would have travel restrictions so you can not travel to Croatia (quarantine without the possibility to do a Corona test in order to avoid self-quarantine), then you can postpone your rental to season 2023 without any cost and not loosing the deposit.

If you have to cancel and not postpone your rental, we will refund you 100% of your deposit if cancelled 3 or more days before the rental date.

No exception to this policy can be made for any reason.

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